Trump laptop

Broadcaster HBO is offering a $500,000 reward for the safe return of a laptop that has been stolen containing scripts for the 2018 season of popular comedy / soap reality drama, The Trumps.

The show which has been taking the world by storm with its mix of sleaze, incompetence and breathtaking crassness now looks to be in jeopardy, as its principle star, businessman Donald Trump, is reported to be totally lost and incapable of stringing two cohesive sentences together on his own.

TV pundits had been quick to heap praise on the show since it’s first episode last January when Trump was seen playing The President of America being inaugurated, and throughout the year the plots based around international espionage, nepotism and slapstick goofing around have kept billions around the world glued to heir screens whilst winning much critical acclaim.

In recent unconfirmed leaks it had been suggested that this year plots were to involve even more sex scandals, a possible high profile divorce and even impeachment, but it now remains to be seen whether these will ever be shot and if indeed the show can still survive.

Meanwhile despite it obviously only being make believe, there are many viewers in America’s Deep South who actually think The Trumps is real and have taken to Twitter in panic wondering what will happen next. @OldZeke tweeted Aw shucks, dang my britches and doggone it! How are we done gonna make America great again now?