Following recent events when Jacob Rees Mogg showed ‘he certainly knows how to handle himself’, it has been announced boxing promoter, Frank Warren, has signed the North East Somerset MP to his fight stable, and that his first bout will be at Wembley Stadium in July against Anthony Joshua for the Unified World Heavyweight Title.

In a radical image overhaul Warren went on to say that Mr Rees-Mogg will be taking to the ring as ‘Jackhammer’ Jake Mogg. Out will go the tweed suits and foppish hairdo, and in will come a grade one buzz cut all over with a tattoo of the Union Jack on his back, while another of a British Bulldog will adorn his chest.

Barry McGuigan, told BoxNation ‘All this time people have been poking fun and calling him a weed but turns out JRM’s an absolutly ruthless fighting machine. And I for one certainly wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a boxing ring when he unleashes Jake’s Jackhammer.’