As if already running his dictatorship and taking the piss out of Donald Trump isn’t enough to keep him busy, North Korean despotic man-child Kim Jong-Un, is to make a play for easy listening music dominance by releasing an album of popular songs from Broadway shows.

In a promotional video posted on YouTube he is seen wearing a white three-piece suit with matching fedora chatting to Dennis Rodman about his influences and heroes. ‘Sinatra’s the man for me. His phrasing is astounding and the timbre of his voice is to die for. And you know, Dennis, if he was a North Korean and living in the country today, he would die for it. Believe me, Mob connections or not. I am world’s number one song and dance guy now. End of.’

It’s understood that when sales figures are collated on Friday the chubby crooner is sure to be topping the world’s charts because all 25.5 million of North Korea’s citizens have been ordered to download the album entitled, I did them in my way, and play it every waking hour of the day.