Top snooker player, Judd Trump, is to change his name claiming he has had enough verbal abuse and threats of physical violence from members of the public who assume he is a relative of President Donald Trump.

Speaking at a press conference the Englishman shocked reporters in an emotional outburst saying: ‘I’d like to announce that from next season I will be changing my name. I need to make it really clear that I have no familial ties to President Trump whatsoever, and to be continually associated with such a cretinous moron is taking a massive toll on me, both on and off the table. Every time I get down to pot a red now all I can see is his bloody big stupid ochre head gurning back at me.’

Clearly becoming more agitated the snooker ace continued: ‘Look, the sniggering fart jokes I can deal with. I always have done since the school playground. But I like Mexican people and there’s nothing better after a late finish on the table than a cracking curry. I’m getting fed up with waiters continually giving me funny looks!’

Pressed by journalists what his new name will be next year he confirmed he is to play as ‘Kim Jong-un.’