Jim Fletcher, a retired driving instructor from Grimsby, got more than he bargained for when he used his new satnav for the first time, because instead of it taking him to his local chippy he ended up in New York!

‘The wife, Doris, bought it for my birthday so I thought I’d give it a go to try it out. Ninety minutes later I still hadn’t got there and I thought to myself it did seem a tad excessive just to go round the corner. But that wasn’t the half of it! Next thing it says to me ‘Proceed to London Gatwick then buy airline ticket to JFK‘. I know it sounds a bit silly looking back, but I mean computers are always right aren’t they?’ said a hapless Jim.

‘Doris wasn’t too best pleased when I called her from New York and told her what had happened. She had to have baked beans on toast all alone’.

When asked if it hadn’t occurred to him that something was wrong with the device, Jim shrugged his shoulders and replied: ‘Well, not really, as it was a brand new unit so it couldn’t possibly have been faulty.”

Now counting the cost of his trip as it’s set him back a cool £3500 a rueful Jim said: ‘I think I’ll maybe walk to the chippy next time.’