The beleaguered Tory Party is believed to be working with HBO to produce a remake of the iconic 1970s weird TV serial, The Singing Ringing Tree.

Retitled, The Magic Money Tree, it will see Theresa May cast as a mysterious and haughty princess, Michael Gove playing an evil horrible little goblin and Boris Johnson will star as the prince who is turned into a bear when his amorous advances are rejected by the princess.

Shooting is currently underway on a closed set and plots are being kept a tightly guarded secret. However it’s understood that there will be financial crises aplenty in each episode, all of which will be solved by tugging on the branches of the hitherto mythical Magic Money Tree. Some enchanted bells will then tinkle and as a result Mrs May will find billions of pounds lying on the ground.

In a leaked clip on YouTube, she is seen using one such billion pound windfall to form a shameful alliance with a Northern Irish political party whose beliefs would have caused raised eyebrows in the Middle Ages. In another episode it’s believed she will try to use a whopping forty billion windfall from the tree to buy her way out of trouble, following a disastrous decision made by a powerful ruler who then abdicated throwing her homeland into complete disarray.

The show is being hotly tipped for multiple nominations for both next year’s Emmy and BAFTA awards in the newly created category of Reality Sitcom.