Conservative curiosity and PG Wodehouse character, Jacob Rees-Mogg, has signed a deal with a leading retailer to promote his own brand of retro-Victorian clothing, household gadgetry and toys. The new JR-M range will be in John Lewis stores from May in ample time for ‘the season’.

Speaking on GMB he told told Susanna Reid: “It is simply splendid that my goods and wares are to be made available through such a fine retailing establishment as John Lewis. Their emporiums are respected and trusted throughout the Empire, and indeed I for one, wholeheartedly believe they are a reputable retailer whose name is synonymous with excellent quality and service. Hip-hip hooray!”

Hotly tipped as a must have outfit for him is the ‘Country Squire ensemble’ comprising of deerstalker hat, herringbone tweed jacket, knee-length woolly stockings, plus fours, checked shirt and brown brogues, at £2840. Meanwhile for her what about the ‘pretty flamingo ball gown set’ in pink chiffon with matching fox-fur stole, ruby earrings and brooch at £6540?

And it’s not just all about mums and dads, because kids will soon be binning their smartphones and tablets as Rees-Moog’s junior penny-farthing velocipede and hoop and stick lines are both tipped to become must-haves for the Summer holidays.