Following yesterday’s mass shooting in Florida the NRA has called upon America’s education agencies to stop allowing students to attend universities and colleges in such a ‘harum-scarum’ manner, citing the filling up classrooms and corridors with kids and so on as the root cause of the problem. And adding if authorities do something to curb such reckless practices then the problem will go away overnight by itself.

Speaking on Fox News NRA regional branch secretary, Zeke Fakencrackerz, said: ‘Colleges are the consistent factor in all of these kinds of incidents. If there were no colleges of high schools, or they were simply empty there wouldn’t be a problem. We’re calling for campuses to be used more sparingly, or ideally not at all.

Meanwhile President Trump has tweeted his heartfelt condolences to the victims and their families. Speaking at the White House he said: ‘Now is not the time to talk about education as it’s a  knee-jerk reaction and way too soon after the event. But Donald J Trump promises that he will be looking into this education issue and he will not flinch from implementing whatever legislation it takes to consign these barbarous and inhumane acts to being a distant and bad memory. FACT! As long as it doesn’t affect his position regarding the current massive levels of support and funding he receives from the NRA.’