Fury has erupted across the Snapchat community following the latest version of the app was rolled out. The update, incorporating segregation between general users and celebrities, is proving so unpopular that it has prompted a petition of more than one million signatures asking for the old version to be reintroduced.

Shanice Butler, an eighteen year-old student from Reading, and who was practically in tears told BBC’s Click: ‘This is awful because I’m no longer able to get close to all my celeb friends. I used to send Beyonce and Jay-Z update after update, and although I knew they never saw them, or don’t care about me, at least I didn’t used to have to swipe to the right to find it out. We were all users together but now I hate feeling that superstars no longer seem like “friends” as a result of this so-called update.’

Howeve an unrepentant spokesman for Snapchat said: ‘Celebrities are only friends with one another and couldn’t give a monkey’s chuff about the masses. Ordinary drab and dreary little people are going to have to just suck up these changes or go back to using Friends Reunited or Myspace.’