President Pumkin-head has once more blamed anything except what most people with more that one braincell can see is the underlying problem for the Florida mass shooting earlier this week.

Nevertheless and undeterred, Donald Trump still refuses to round on his NRA bankrolling campaign buddies, once again not even referring to the proliferation of citizen-held guns across the country. A situation that is fully backed and encouraged by the NRA seems to be not even worthy of his comments. However what is worth commenting upon in the Trumpiverse, is that in addition to already having suggested earlier in the week that mental health was actually the root cause for the shocking carnage, now Trump says the FBI not acting by locking up three Mexicans speeding in a car was also a significant factor.

The President tweeted: Very sad that the FBI missed reports that three Mexican drug dealers were booked by highway patrol in El Paso for speeding. If Feds had done their job properly and locked up those bad hombres then there would not have been any Florida mass shooting. FACT! Get back to the basics and make us all proud!

Trump supporter, eighty five-year old Zebulen Abernathy, from Tennessee told CBS: ‘I done knew that Mr Trump would dang well get to the bottom this here little old problem. He is really making America Great again. He’s a fantastic man. God help… no shucks ‘help’ ain’t right! I mean God Bless America. Yeah, bless, that’s what I dern well meant. Yeeehaw!’