Sensational news today that a likeness of Christ has appeared on the head a pint of Guinness in a Boutique Hotel in Dublin’s trendy Temple Bar.

Sean O’Rourke, the barman who pulled the pint told reporters: ‘This wan and her auld fella comes into the bar and asks for a small Chilean Chardonnay and a pint of Guinness. Now as soon as I poured the pint I realised something weird was happening because all the lights in the bar dimmed and there was suddenly the sound of a choir of angels. When I looked at the pint there was Jesus right there looking back at me large as life!’

An ebullient local Parish Priest Fr. Basil Brennan told local broadcaster RTE: ‘Ah sure faith and begob! Isn’t it a miracle? The Lord himself here in Dublin, ah Jaze shur that’s tremendjus altogether. And on a pint of Guinness too. Begorrah, ’tis fantastic news to be sure to be sure. Ha ha ha! Oh Jaze, ho ho ho! Feckin fantashtic.”