Christopher Neville, aged 6, from Peckham had the Psychic world in a spin over claims that he hears “voices” in the middle of the night.

But thankfully during a recent consultation Christopher had with a local Medium, when he explained how recently his sleep has been disrupted all night long by voices he hears coming through the walls of his bedroom, a cure might now be in sight.

His totally distraught mum, Doreen, commented: ‘It’s so weird really. There’s never been any history of spooky stuff in the family at all. I can’t think what it is. I’ve even asked the new people who have just moved in next door if they’ve heard anything.’

I told them that the whole time their place was empty there were no mysterious voices at all. The bloke, Brian I think he said he was called, says he’s as baffled as we are and that he hears no spooky voices at all despite being up most of the night practicing his impressionist act.’

But the good news however is that the Medium, Reg Trubshaw, says he knows what the problem is and that once Christopher’s parents pay him £1500 + VAT he’ll be able to get the problem sorted for good.