Rap, hip-hop and grime sensation, Poop Doddy, was last night at the centre of a storm that’s shaken the music world to its very roots. Doddy whose real name is Brian Wolstenhulme and  hails from the sleepy village of Upper Applethorp in Worcestershire, was counting the cost in a very real and meaningful way, or probably ‘checking his shit, guy, knowwhadamsayin?’ as he  would more than likely put it in all that fancy pants rhyming rap-speak he uses on his records.

Unaware that a mic was still open at the press conference to launch his new CD, “Blow the Mutha Bastadz Away!”, the 23 year old reasonably well off star was heard to say: ‘Yeah man. What it is…is what it is, man. I ain’t shittin you dude that’s bangin cool and ain’t no diss bro! Yo! Hey!?”

According to those in the know, though Christ alone knows who they are, this is being interpreted as  a thinly veiled reference to Doddy’s producer and long-time collaborator DJ Reefer, and in particular is seen as a side-swipe by Doddy reflecting his dissatisfaction with the tunes, grooves, vibes, loops and beats Reefer selected for the new disc.

Neither Doddy nor DJ Reefer were available for comment this morning but the general feeling is that their differences may just have become irreconcilable

Doddy no stranger to controversy has been known to controversially court controversy in the past and fans are hoping it’s all a PR stunt. But now only time will tell what the overall outcome of this row will be. Some observers are suggesting it could just lead to the dissolution of one of Rap’s greatest partnerships ever.

Tearful devotees held a vigil outside the star’s home last night lighting candles and crying every now and then. Some blubbered too, whilst a few were heard to sob softly also.