‘I’m the architect of Royal Wedding’ claims Trump.

President Trump has welcomed news that American actress, Meghan Markle, is to marry Prince Harry, claiming their engagement was always part of his long-term strategy to make America great again.

‘Because of my incredible foresight, just the best foresight, not to mention my greatness, America will soon have a new 100% genuine Duchess. The Duchess of Sussex. How great is that?  Wow!’

It’s now understood in the run-up to the ceremony, Donald Trump Junior, under executive guidance from his father, is to head up a building consortium to build the duke and duchess a new pied-à-terre for when they visit America.

Drawings for ‘Trump Sussex Castle’, set within a forty acre estate in The Berkshires Massachusetts, show it to be the most opulent private dwelling ever built. It will have 200 guest rooms, three banqueting halls, twenty-five watchtowers, a keep, his and hers throne rooms, five concentric moats, a jewel encrusted drawbridge, two helipads, with the crowing glory being a state of the art jousting arena.

Meanwhile interest has turned to who will be ‘giving Miss Markle away’ on the big day, with bookmakers having installed Mr Trump as favourite after he claimed that, as President, it was ‘his inalienable right to do so’.

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