Ubiquitous Geordie duo, Ant and Dec, are today celebrating landing the starring roles in a new blockbuster film that already has critics talking in hushed tones about possible Oscar nominations in 2019. The big budget production, Chuckle Brothers the Movie looks set to propel the cheeky chappies onto yet greater things.

An excited Ant told us: ‘Hi man, pet! This is brilliant and that, like woman man pet man. Just the thing to see us getting twin knighthood nods next year at least if you ask me. Barry and Paul have always been a big influence on us and this warts an’ all biopic is gonna be amazing.’

And Dec agrees with his diminutive chum: ‘Oh aye man! We’re gannin’ ta dee all them famous scenes that are so much part of the urban myth that is Paul and Barry. Like that time on the train when they were meant to be pissed out of their heads, chuffin’ Woodbines and efffin’ and blindin’ all over the place.’

‘That’s right mucker. I honestly don’t think there’s anybody in the country who’s not got a mate that wasn’t on that train and saw them. And the funny thing is that it isn’t even true man! It never happened like! The boys themselves told us,” laughs Ant.

When asked about how the more candid revelations in upcoming film might affect their popularity with Mums and Dads allowing the kids to come and see them, Paul commented: ‘Oh dear, to you, Barry… to you,’ and Barry agrees with his brother: ‘To me… to me, Paul. Oh, dear!’