Next time you’re in Costabucks and you see a man in a white coat putting a probe into the froth on his cappuccino don’t be too surprised as he’s most likely a man from the Ministry!

Once again they’re at it in Brussels, despite the UK’s imminent departure from the EU, and pretty soon everyone’s going to be foaming at the mouth, because now Italy is proposing to implement tough new conditions on all EU states who sell a version of their world renowned frothy cuppa, Cappuccino, and woe betide if the bubble-count contravenes the soon-to-be new legally binding specifications.

In much the same way as only cheese that comes from the picturesque village of Dairylea in Manchester can be called Dairylea, then cappuccino bubble content must account for at least 9/10ths of the overall body of the drink, thus ensuring that customers are ripped off to the maximum and what they are essentially paying for is mostly fresh air. If the bubble quota doesn’t meet the requirement then the resultant brew cannot be sold as cappuccino and must be described as generic ‘frothy coffee’.

A spokesman for Italy, Don Luigi Bastardini, said: ‘Yes we are behind this change 100% because we know when we’re onto a good thing and we don’t want our cartel interfered with! Capice my friend? Or else maybe you’d like to sleep with the fishes. No?