With Theresa May’s position as Tory Leader looking ever more wobbly by the day, it’s believed her MPs have now set their sights set on a new party leader they can all unite behind.

And surprisingly it’s not Johnson, Gove or Rees-Mogg whose names are being touted in the Westminster bars and tearooms, because a senior party source has revealed that Oscar-winning actor, Gary Oldman, is now top of the wish list.

‘What we need is a leader with good old-fashioned British spunk and Gary’s got it in gallons, or at least in pints at the very least I should imagine. He exudes the Churchillian bulldog spirit synonymous with our party. He’s the man we need to fight Corbyn and his raggle-taggle bunch of loony lefties on Burnham Beeches, in Lands End or wherever else needs be.’  

One small crumb of comfort for Mrs May may be some political pundits see it as an unlikely move for the star as he appears to have no political experience or ambitions.  

Nevertheless the party source remains adamant.  ‘Well, yes, that might be the case, but come on, look at what they’re now saying about Oprah after the Golden Globes. And of course there’s Donald Trump. He was in the same boat as Gary only a year ago, not an ounce of political experience…but just look what a splendid job he’s doing now. Eh?’