5-time Olympic gold medalist, Sir Steve Redgrave, has revealed today that he lives in constant fear of being ‘found out as being nothing special and a very lucky boy’. The surprising admission comes despite the many plaudits heaped upon him by an adoring British press and the general public 

Speaking candidly to Piers Morgan the Knight of the Realm said, ‘When all’s said and done what I did was paddle a boat and although I paddled it pretty well… that’s really all it was. If I’m being honest there were probably only about three of us, in total on the world stage, who were any good at it in my heyday; the phrase big fish in a really tiny pond just about sums it up.’

‘There was nobody more surprised than I was to be awarded all the gongs I’ve received over the years, but I guess it’s sadly symptomatic of our rather poor standing on the world stage when it comes to achievement in proper sports. I mean I’m not exactly Lionel Messi, Roger Federer or Rory McIlroy now am I? GB’s wider sporting reputation seems to me to be in the doldrums.’

But Lord Sebastian Coe has moved quickly to try and play down Redgrave’s comments. Speaking to reporters earlier he said: ‘That’s just Sir Steve all over. He’s such a great guy and so modest too. Don’t you believe that his achievements in the global mega-sport of rowing are nothing to write home about. When he won his 5th Gold there was an estimated worldwide viewing audience of at least 200 people.’

‘And as for GB being a spent force, well if you want proof of our wonderful global representation in key sports you need look no further than young Tom Daley. Now you show me where there’s anybody in the world who can jump into a swimming pool better than he can! And we also excel in so many other areas too. For example, now I can’t remember what it’s called, but… erm… you know… that one were they ski for a bit and then fire a gun at little targets?’