Following the news that Jeremy Clarkson is to host ITV’s reboot of the terminally dead Who Wants to be a Millionaire, the viewing public has given the plan a resounding thumbs-down.

The once-loved show limped out of the schedules back in 2014 and it seems most TV viewers and critics are unanimous in their opinion that they do not want its decomposed corpse exhumed under any circumstances.

Quentin Pardew, Media Critic of Telly Today commented: ‘This show had already died a slow and painfully tortuous death and what they now think an empathy-lacking boor like Clarkson will bring to it Christ alone  knows. The late Sir Bruce, he ain’t!’

‘I’m sure that he will scarcely be able to curb his obnoxious loathing of the contestants and his this-is-crap-and-so-far-below-me-that-I’m-only-doing-it-for-the-money arrogant attitude which is sure to shine though and really piss everyone off.

One fan of the original programme, @TarrantForEver, took to Twitter to complain. Anyone but Jeremy Clarkson would be OK if Chris can’t or won’t do it. What about Ant & Dec or I’d even just about put up with Gregg Wallace as a last scraping the bottom of the barrel resort! #SayNoToClarkson No, hang about, on reflection forget Wallace.

However an ITV spokesman is promising new and totally revamped ‘all bells and whistles’ version of its once prime time juggernaut and is adamant that new features like Smash a Skoda and Sneer at the Audience will be  ratings winners, adding: ‘ We’re very excited about this and once viewers see the Noel Edmonds & Mr Blobby interlude in each show it’s going to end up being mega. We’re convinced of it.’