There  is much head-scratching and raised eyebrows among people with IQs greater than 10 today, following the news that two of the world’s most dangerous lunatics are to meet to hammer out a peace deal and discuss nuclear arms.

The upcoming meeting  between Donald Trump and Kim Jung-Un is penciled in to take place later in the year and for some inexplicable reason many news agencies and media outlets are portraying this with a positive spin.

But not everyone shares this view. Professor of Global Warfare Strategy, Neil Morton, from Harvard University, believes that the world should be in a state of abject terror over these latest developments and when interviewed by BBC earlier today said: ‘So, you have two complete narcissists who are strangers to the word ‘no’, both are essentially spoilt children who are even more impetuous than Hitler could ever hoped to have been, and yet the world is being told that we somehow ought to be comfortable about them meeting to discuss nuclear arms and global peace? Really!! Are you kidding me?’.

However one sycophantic arse-licking friend of Mr Trump, breakfast TV’s biggest anchor, Piers Morgan, disagrees and hit back. ‘I am a friend of Don’s and I worked with him on US Celebrity Apprentice, which coincidentally I won in case you don’t happen to know, and I have to tell you he’s a smart cookie. Look, you don’t get to where he is today without amazing business acumen, or else your father setting you up with eight billion dollars. Mr Trump can handle this so-called ‘Rocket Man’ and he’ll get the deal the West wants. because you know in all honesty, I believe Donny’s going to go down in history as the Saviour of the world. No doubt about that whatsoever. And now if you’d kindly excuse me, I need to go and change my underpants.’