Alan Moreland, from Redditch, is believed to be the first Daily Mail reader who has weighed up some actual facts and arrived at a reasonable conclusion that foreigners are no worse or better than any other born-and-bred UK citizens.

Speaking on BBC Radio News he said: ‘I guess it all started when I met a black man in a working situation and was forced to be civil to him for more than five minutes. But he wasn’t anything like that guy who used live next door to the white couple in my all-time favourite sitcom, ‘Love Thy Neighbour’. I was waiting for him break into some kine of tribal rain dance or something but he never did, and then when he told me that he was an executive, played golf and was on the committee of his local Rotary Club, you could’ve blown me away. Amazing as it sounds he was just like me!’

Mr Moreland went on to explain that until then he had relied on the Daily Mail for all of his news and information on foreigners, so had naturally formed the opinion that all black people, foreigners in general and Europeans in particular, were fundamentally professional dole-scroungers on the take who had never done an honest day’s work in their lives, with even the Welsh, Scottish and Irish needing careful monitoring.

‘I feel like a bit of a fool if I’m being honest and have stopped buying the Mail. I only wish that I hadn’t voted for Brexit now,’ said a somewhat sheepish and chastened Mr Moreland.