The owner of a so-called ‘dangerous dog’ has won plaudits on all sides for being the first to admit that his dog was at fault when it attacked a man in the park who was simply minding his own business.

Said the man: ‘I was walking towards the lake on my way to feed the ducks when, Bastard, an eight stone Rottweiler, spotted me and came charging up with his teeth bared, slavering in a crazed manner and pinned me to the ground as a prelude to ripping my throat out. But luckily his owner was right behind him and somehow pulled Bastard off me before I could be scarred for life or even worse.’

The man explained that after he had picked himself up and dusted himself down Bastard’s owner, 20 year-old Dale Marston, was full of apologies saying: ‘Are you all right? God I’m really so sorry. You must have been terrified and I just don’t know why he did that. Mind, he is a bit mental and there’s a shocking vicious streak in him to be fair, so it was more than likely just that.’

But despite his terrifying ordeal the attacked man has nothing but praise for Dale. ‘He never once said that it was my fault, that his dog wouldn’t normally behave like that or I was probably attacked because I had made a sudden move and had frightened poor ickle Basty-wasty.’

Animal psychologist Liam Doyle commented: ‘This is a very odd case indeed, because research shows quite clearly that most of these ‘dangerous dog’ owners are complete and utter chavvy arseholes.’