A whistleblower and formerly one of his trusted inner circle, claims goatee-toting Paul Hollywood is nothing more than a conman who can’t bake to save his life.

And to cover it up the GBBO supremo is accused of having bought in cakes from M&S, and even on one occasion, an apple strudel from Lidl.

‘The amount of times we had to call in the Fire Brigade to GBBO was crazy. In the end there was a bloke with an extinguisher standing by just out of shot in case Paul set the tent alight again,’ said the pretty 25 year-old food stylist who wished to remain anonymous.

‘People might remember his tray of twelve beautifully uniform golden brown pastry slices that everyone was in awe of in last year’s final? They were just Greggs Steak Bakes that he ponced up a bit, and I should know as it was me he sent out to buy them,’ she added.

Hollywood was unavailable for comment but his agent told reporters: ‘In all honesty Paul couldn’t really give two hoots. He’s currently swanning around The Maldives putting a dent in the obscene amount of money I negotiated for last year’s of Bake Off.’