Broadcasters BBC and ITV have jointly declared themselves ‘baffled’ and ‘at a total loss’ to be able to understand why it seems that a mystery team other than England appears to have won this year’s Six Nations rugby union series.

In a joint statement released at the tournament’s conclusion the broadcasters said: ‘Due to circumstances beyond our control it appears that England has not won this event. Despite our joint focus being solely on Eddie Jones and the team, and unlikely as it sounds, somewhere along the way we have been made aware that there were some other teams participating and that now one of them has not only won the tournament itself, but has beaten all their opponents and won the Grand Slam also. We will begin an immediate investigation, reviewing all match footage, and once we identify the team in question we will let people know who they are.’

Meanwhile reports have begun to circulate that a considerable number of Irish people have been seen reveling in pubs and restaurants in and around the Richmond area, fueling rumours that perhaps Ireland has somehow managed to enter a team who have contrived to win.

However a joint spokesman was quick to cast doubt on the theory saying: ‘We will certainly look into these reports, but I have to say it’s most unlikely that the Irish would have won one match let alone a grand slam. I expect when we unravel the mystery it will more than likely turn out that England are the champions after all.’