Daily Mail ends tabloid format and changes to new comic lay-out

After much media speculation the Daily Mail has announced that from next month it intends to abandon its long-established tabloid format, go the whole hog and begin publishing as Britain’s first daily comic.

Editor Paul Dacre speaking on LBC said: “Let’s face it. This is a natural progression for us as we are essentially a comic already, therefore we thought it made perfect sense to adopt the format as our new house style. And of course the great news is that I’ll still be at the helm.’

Features editor, Barney Fletcher, insists the changes are nothing but a good thing. ‘The beauty of this new set-up is that we still continue making up stories, hate-filled lies and other articles that stretch the bounds of credulity to breaking point in any right-thinking person, but we will now no longer struggle to accompany them with some sort of photographic evidence, we will simply just draw them up.’

‘So just say if we’re running a smear story about The Duchess of Cambridge cheating on Prince William by living it up on a yacht in Marbella with a mystery man, then it now becomes a simple process to produce the article.’

In addition its understood that regular daily characters have already been created to cover the big news topics of the day, with Boris the Bungler, Wurzel Corbage, Old McDonnell and the trials and tribulations of Timid Theresa all set to become firm favourites according to Fletcher.

‘I’m particularly looking forward to our new fifty something couple Roger the Racist and Xena the Xenophobe, who have to deal with an extended Muslem family moving next door to them.’

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