Reports are emerging that rather than blend in as just another one of the kids in class like his father and grandfather before him have done, Prince George  is definitely playing his own education rather differently.

Tantrums became evident when returning recently from the half-term break he insisted that accompanied by a fanfare, he was to be winched into the playground from a helicopter piloted by his dad, and then allowed spend the morning seated on a small golden throne wearing a papier mâché crown.

At lunchtime the young heir to the throne began stalking the playground before ‘setting about’ fellow pupil, Viscount Michael Trimshaw-Fotheringdale, demanding the startled Viscount ‘hand over his dinner money or he’d be thrown in the tower!’

One dinner lady at the Prince’s £6,000 a term school who preferred to remain anonymous said: ‘Aw, bless him, he’s so cute! He’s come into the dinner hall and I ask him what he’d like for lunch. Well he has a look at all me displays and says ‘I don’t want any of that muck you old bat, get me Rillettes de canard avec champignons et pommes dauphinoise.’ When I told him we don’t do that he’s threatened to have me sacked. Oh I did have to laugh! So anyway then he’s got his little phone out, made a call and twenty minutes later Gordon Ramsay’s turned up with some plate of flashy grub underneath one of them silver dome things!’

Buckingham Palace has since released a statement: His Royal Highness spent the recent half-term watching box sets of Game of Thrones along with his father, during which time he became greatly drawn to and identified with the character of Joffrey. But now he has returned to school his parents are sure that with the change in routine things are sure to settle down over the coming weeks.