Personal gentleman’s gentleman, Reginald Jeeves, has hit out at top people’s magazine Country Life, after it recently suggested in an editorial that brightly coloured socks are now an acceptable fashion accessory for men at formal occasions.

Speaking to reporters at the Mayfair residence where he valets for socialite Bertie Wooster he said: ‘If I might advance an opinion. The magazine is erroneous in adopting its lax view on this matter. A gentleman must only ever wear a sober dark sock to tone-in with his outfit of the day, or perhaps in cases of extreme emergency, then a very dark navy blue may just be acceptable.’

‘Garish or coloured socks cannot ever be sanctioned under any circumstances. Quite simply they are an abomination and are to be discouraged at all times. I fear it would be quite impossible for me to lay out such items for Mr Wooster.’

Initially seated beside his valet for the interview, Mr Wooster  appeared to become a little ill-at-ease and eventually excused himself briefly returning after five minutes with a medium-sized package wrapped up in brown paper and string. Looking a little sheepish he handed the package to Jeeves saying, ‘I say, Jeeves…perhaps you might give this to the lift attendant when you see next him, what?’