Trump shocks Capitol Hill announcing he is to host a new TV reality game show

President Trump has raised eyebrows with political and entertainment commentators alike by announcing that he is to host a new prime time political game show called Friend or Foe. Details are sketchy at the moment but Mr Trump will be presenter with The First Lady, Melania, supplying the obligatory glitz and glamour.

A production company insider explained: ‘The basic premise is that every week Mr President summons an international ambassador to the Oval Office and then along with his children, Don Jnr and Ivanka, questions them in three tough rounds, about aspects of their country’s relationship with America. At the end of that the Trumps decide if the country is a friend or foe. If it’s friend then the Amabassador wins a top-of-the-range Caddilac for their Embassy to use, but if It’s foe, then Mr Trump outlines a forfeit which can be anything from mild sanctions to total nuclear obliteration.’

In a nostalgic nod to one of his favourite quiz shows, Take Your Pick, it’s understood The President has insisted the new show must include a variation on its famous ‘Yes – No’ round, therefore Friend or Foe will start with an opening Yes – Yes round.

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