Most people remember, or have seen well-worn footage, of the famous BBC Panorama April Fool’s joke about the spaghetti farmers of Italy that duped the entire nation in the late 1950s.

But the joke might finally be on dear old Auntie as keen gardener and horticulturist, Brian Durum, claims to have cultivated a specimen spaghetti tree from a left-over stand of a carbonara meal he had with his wife one evening last November.

He told BBC Breakfast: ‘I just thought what if? You know… it must just be possible. So I took a little piece of the sauce-coated spaghetti and planted it in a disposable coffee cup full of compost and put it at the back of the airing cupboard. More for a laugh than anything else.’

‘I left it I there undisturbed for two weeks until it was time to change my Y-fronts and when I went to get a new pair I was astonished to find I could hardly get in there as branches of verdant strong growth tumbled out all around me. And would you believe it, there hanging off each limb were little strands of spaghetti dripping with carbonara sauce!’

However celebrity gardener, Alan Titchmarsh, is not convinced: ‘I think Brian maybe trying an April Fool’s yarn here as his excuse that he cannot produce the tree because his cat ate it just doesn’t stack up.’

Meanwhile Panorama presenter, Richard Dimbleby, was unavailable for comment having sadly passed away in 1965, so we are likely now never to know the truth about Brian and his ‘spaghetti tree’.