Lifelong Tory voter, Daily Mail reader and avid Brexiteer, Reg Perkins from Bethnal Green, has hailed the adjudication he was given regarding his fitness for work as ‘just the thing that we need to sort these bloody benefit-scrounging foreigners out!’

Mr Perkins had been working for twenty-five years, right up until December 2015 when he fell into a large reservoir of untreated sewage at the plant where he was employed. The injuries he sustained made him unable to carry out his duties at which point he was invalided out of work and placed on Disability Living Allowance until his assessment last week, when he was informed that it was to be withdrawn as he was ‘more than capable of work’.

Speaking from his wheelchair, Reg he said: ‘I’m made up about this. The chap who interviewed me was ever so efficient he just said “Ah Mr Perkins, how are you today?” And when I answered “Right as rain, son”, he thanked me for coming and said they’d be in touch soon.’

Reg is now searching all the major online agencies in the hope of picking up a job. ‘The guy happened to mention, as he carried me out to my Motobility car, that there is quite a lot of labouring work available where they’re building the new bypass which sounds just perfect!’

Work and Pensions Secretary, Esther McVey, was quick to praise Reg: ‘Mr Perkins is a shining example of a great Briton, and the type of person this country needs. Hopefully he will not end up starving to death on the streets because of his assessment. If only there were more out there like him.’