You couldn’t make it up could you, because draft legislation is being brought before MEPs, that if passed, will see the slow-mo head flick banned from TV ads for shampoo and other hair-grooming products as soon as July. And despite the Brexit process being well underway Britain will have to adopt the new law like it or leave it.

Bonkers Brussels bureaucrats have decided that the iconic super slow shots, mainstay of nearly every shampoo ad, are sparking a wave copycat behaviour from those with anything longer than shoulder-length tresses, and there have been some reports of innocent passers-by getting ‘flicked’ and in some cases even ‘tickled’ by out-of-control flowing locks. In one case a heavy metal drummer from Ghent even suffered self-inflicted acute whiplash as he tried to copy a 360 degree twirl he saw in a L’Oreal shampoo-conditioner ad.

Henri de Graves, spokesman for European Hair Issues, told Newsnight, “This is a very serious matter and we must do something about it. There are innocent victims out there suffering mild annoyance and even slight inconvenience as thousands thrash and spin their heads, and we see it as a priority that it is stopped as soon as possible.

Meanwhile high-profile hair product advert stars Cheryl, along with former onetime singer and musician, Ellie Goulding, have hit back slamming the draft proposals as ‘silly nanny state nonsense’ and ‘leik itz just doonreet bonkaz, man woman man pet!’