With golf’s first ‘Major’ of the year about to start, coupled with Tiger Woods insisting he’s back to full fitness and playing well, sports broadcasting is about to be taken to hitherto uncharted waters as ‘Tiger-cam’ is to be introduced for the first time at this year’s Masters.

Chuck Williams, head of host broadcaster CBS told the press: ‘This will provide wall-to-wall coverage of Tiger’s every move, right from when he wakes up in the morning until he takes to bed. We’re talking 24/7 throughout the entire four days of the tournament. It will even follow him if he goes out for a drive in the middle of the night… erm… if you get me?’

However critics have complained that since his return in January broadcasters seem obsessed with the former world No.1 to the exclusion of the remainder of the field. Said one Sky Golf viewer: ‘It’s bloody ridiculous. If Tiger goes into the bushes for a quick slash then the cameras are even following him in there too! It’s madness. He hasn’t won once since this ‘comeback’ and when he finishes  his round the broadcasters cut the live feed. I’m having to find out the final tournament positions from the Internet.’

When asked for his view on the latest innovation, veteran commentator and the longtime voice of golf, BBC’s Peter Alliss commented: ‘Tiger is an amazing fellow, and you know of course… Oh I say, look at that over there… I think that’s a Golden Eagle, or a House Sparrow of some sort… By Jove, and there’s a chap with a really rather smashing-looking ninety-nine, I’ll have a lick too, sir… but don’t go too heavy on the old ice cream because a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips! Have you seen my medication, Ken?’