Filming has ground to a halt on the set of Steven Spielberg’s new adaptation the Alfred Hitchcock classic, Strangers on a Train, which is being shot at Pinewood Studios. Unseasonable adverse weather conditions are believed to be the cause of a dispute and it’s unsure when shooting will resume.

Reports say the set was closed by the film’s train consultant, Tony Anstruther, who is insisting that it was necessary because the wrong kind of snow has fallen on the tracks.

A clearly unhappy Tom Hanks, star of the $400,000,000 dollar production told reporters: ‘Man this is crazy. It’s just a bit of snow. We’re doing the Christmas scenes so it’s perfect. But this guy has closed us down saying it’s unfair to expect ‘his’ engine-driver to risk injury. But the damn thing has only got to ride along a three hundred yards of track. God, this is so stoopid!’

However Mr Anstruther, who is also an RMT Union Shop steward, is adamant. ‘It’s far too dangerous to ask my member to drive the locomotive in these conditions. The snow is too powdery and there’s a high risk of a dangerous skid occurring should he have to ram on the brakes. I can’t allow that to happen. We’ll have to wait for wetter snow or else use fake stuff when the current lot melts.’

And to add to Mr Spielberg’s woes unconfirmed reports are circulating that there could be further filming delays due to possible industrial action. Mr Anstruther has requested that a Guard be employed to open and close carriage doors to let actors on and off the train, claiming that this task should not be the sole responsibility of the engine-driver.’