A man from Huddersfield was amazed when taking time out from using social media Apps on his smartphone, a grid of numbers from 0 to 9 suddenly appeared on the screen, along with a star, a hashtag and a green circle.

‘I’d just liked my mate’s picture of his new dog on Facebook and then tweeted to another about Brexit. I can only assume that my finger must have hit something on the screen by mistake when the numbers came up. Then I had an idea and keyed in a random sequence just to see what this new App, did and I was amazed to hear a kind of distant buzzing sound followed by a faint voice.’

‘Then when I put the phone to my ear imagine my astonishment when I found it was somehow connected to someone in Aberdeen,’ explained the flabbergasted IT Manager, Peter Williams.

A spokesman for Apple said: ‘This is quite amazing and we’re not sure what’s going on here, but if it’s true then it just might be that smart devices are somehow starting to develop their own AI and seeking to communicate with each another. We don’t see it as anything sinister but will keep a close eye on future developments.’