Air turns blue as Sir Cliff and Hank ‘set to’ during Albert Hall reunion

Fans of ‘well preserved’ pop star, Cliff Richard, are reeling today after an extraordinary incident that happened on-stage last night at London’s Royal Albert Hall, during the much-awaited Cliff and The Shadows reunion tour.

Shocked concertgoers tell of how the Peter Pan of Pop was half-way through ‘wired for sound’ when it all kicked off.

Sharon Wilson who was in the front row told reporters: ‘Well it was going lovely when all of a sudden Cliff gave Hank (Marvin) a funny look and made the ‘swivel’ sign at him. Hank immediately took off his guitar and fetched Cliff a clip round the ear.’

‘Next thing Cliff’s stopped the show and told the audience. Right!, that’s the last time this bleeping bleep-bleep’s gonna muck this song up. He makes an absolute balls of it every time, ladies and gentlemen, because he’s getting too old for his fingers to be able to do the twiddly bit’

‘Well Hank then ‘stuck one on’ Cliff and the next thing, they was rolling about the stage locked in mortal combat, in the end security had to separate them,’ explained a tearful Sharon (77). It’s  understood the management dropped the curtain and the show finished at that point.

Neither of the legends was available for comment today, but a source close to a furious Sir Cliff is reported to have told close friends he said: ‘That four-eyed git owes everything to me; well he can go and take a good flying f**k to himself now as far as I’m concerned.’

Cliff and his shadow are supposed to be playing another gig tonight at the Albert Hall but at this time the venue has been able to confirm if the show will go ahead.’

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