News today that after his marathon session in front of US Congress, Facebook Boss, Mark Zuckerberg’s ordeal was further prolonged when there was a total crash of the Senate’s computer, meaning that they could not finish recording his testimony.

To make matters worse the IT Department had closed and there was only an Intern manning the phone. Consequently Zuckerberg was asked whether he could help, given his prowess with computers.

The clearly puzzled, and some say uncomfortable-looking CEO, shrugged his shoulders before eventually and reluctantly crossing the desk where the computer was sitting and began to move a mouse around but to no avail.

Shocked Congressmen and Congresswomen then looked on as Mr Zuckerberg wiggled and joggled leads before banging on the monitor quite sharply but still the machine refused to play ball.

It was only at this point something seemed to dawn on the hapless genius, whereupon the got down on all-fours and traced the computer’s mains lead back to its power socket. A quick flick of the on-off switch got the computer going again and also won the biz-whiz a warm round of applause.

He left the chamber looking considerably happier telling waiting reporters: ‘Hey guys, like I’ve literally, still got it. Woo-hoo!’