Following yesterday’s Cabinet meeting it’s understood that there was a unanimous agreement that the No. 10 biscuits of choice should be changed from Digestives to Jaffa Cakes.

A triumphant Prime Minister emerged to tell reporters that although ministers understood the enormity of the decision they were about to make, nevertheless she had steered the meeting successfully to its conclusion.

However a source close to Michael Gove, who is well know as a hard line Digestive supporter, said: ‘Michael took a bit of persuading but in the end he fell in with the general consensus for the greater good of the party and the nation.’

Amber Rudd and Esther McVey, along with Mrs May are understood to be delighted with the switch as all three see Jaffa Cakes as a bit of a less masculine choice. Said Mrs Rudd, ‘I’m delighted as Jaffa Cakes are so dainty don’t you think, hmm?’

When pressed about any outcome of a decision over the Syrian chemical weapons attack last weekend and what Britain intended to do by way of response Mrs Rudd replied: ‘Same as usual, really. We’ve agreed to do what the US President wants to do with no questions asked. Theresa’s just waiting for him to call with our orders after he finishes his golfing trip.’