Pinewood Studios announced earlier today that funding has been secured to revive the much-loved Carry On franchise and that a new title, Carry On Brexit, has been commissioned and is slated for a mid 2019 release.

Billy Freeman, the film’s executive producer told Empire: ‘It was simply just begging to be made, and as a comedy, the script has practically written itself with little or no help at all.

The plot centres around the hapless Theresa May played by Babs Windsor who is trying to clear up the Brexit shambles left behind by David Cameron played by Julian Clary.’

In one scene, reminiscent of Carry On Camping, Mrs May’s liberty bodice flies off when she gets a violent attack of sneezing after inhaling some pepper.

It’s understood the plot romps its way through Strasbourg and then moves to Brussels where there is an almost catastrophic outbreak of flatulence and diarrhoea that nearly derails some tricky negotiations before a final deal can be agreed.

A veritable who’s who of British comedy talent has been signed up to play key figures in The UK’s leaving process.

Boris Johnson, played by Peter Kay in an outrageous and wonderfully bouffant voluminous blond wig, contracts foot in mouth disease from a contaminated French beefsteak.

Sir Kenneth Branagh puts in a rollicking turn as Jacob Rees-Mogg, valliantly fighting to ensure Britain is allowed to quit the EU free of any lasting legal obligation to sell only straight bananas.

With Jimmy Nesbitt in drag playing the DUP’s thorn-in-the-side hatchet-faced harridan, Arlene Foster, then the scene looks set for a fabulous fun-filled caper with something for all the family to enjoy.