We’re the Chuckle Brothers, get us in there…

With the current enforced dissolution of showbiz partnership, Ant and Dec, speculation is growing whether they will be reunited later in the year in time to co-host the very popular I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

And with the smart money firmly on a ‘no’ to that, then rumours are rife over who is liable to get the gig. So far the favourites to land the role with bookies are another Northern duo, Barry and Paul aka The Chuckle Brothers.

Speaking from their native Northern home Paul, or it might have been Barry, but either way it was one or other of the pair said: ‘Oh dear, oh dear. It’s very sad about Ant, in’t it, like? But to me (to you), the lad needs to get a break from the business to get his head straightened out. Oh dear, oh dear.’

And Barry, although it could possibly have been Paul agreed; ‘To you (to me) I agree. All the fame the lad’s had over the years has puddled him hasn’t it?’

Cannon and Ball were unavailable for comment but it’s widely understood that they have been ruled out to replace the Geordie funsters due to Bobby Ball’s chronic phobia about creepy-crawlies.

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