The recent spate of crimes in London involving acid-throwing thugs on scooters mopeds is provoking an angry backlash around the country, with reports of vigilantes in Brighton taking action against visiting groups of Mods in particular.

Martin Wickham, an abattoir worker from Hove said: ‘Brighton doesn’t want these scooter-riding thugs coming here throwing acid around and stealing smartphones right out of the hands of innocent people who are just going about their daily business. They should be run out of town, and let’s face it, with those big targets on their backs then they should be pretty easy to spot.’

Local Councillors have appealed for calm and restraint from residents taking the law into their own hands after one disturbing incident was reported, when former nurse and OAP, Mrs Edith Burns, had to be helped to safety after her mobility scooter was surrounded by a baying vigilante mob. She told the Brighton Argus: ‘I just went down the shops to get a bit of fish for my Bert’s dinner and next thing they were all around me, pushing and shoving my scooter. It was very scary.”

Meanwhile former Police front man, Sting, who starred as Ace Face in the iconic Mod movie Quadrophenia, was keeping a low profile, but last night his management issued a curt “No comment” via his website.