Hot on the heels of the proposed Sainsbury’s and Asda merger comes the news that convenience stores Costcutter and Spar are to join forces.

Retail Analyst, Penny Woolmer, says: ‘This is a strange move as both companies are equally synonymous with quite a ‘low end’ shopping experience, and I’m struggling to see what each can bring to the other’s business here.’

But a spokesman for Spar commented: ‘With this merger we can become the preeminent force in budget goods and services. Having double the opportunity for consumers to buy strange and unheard of brands along with bags of crisps for 10p a bag has to be a good thing.’

Meanwhile Costcutter has posted a press release on its website written in Comic Sans which says: This is an exciting development between two giants of the convenience store arena, which if successful, will see the joint venture increase our market share of grocery sales to approximately 0.5% of the weekly national spend.