Police were called to a bar in London’s Soho earlier today after a pub landlord was involved in a violent altercation with a group of male customers.

One eyewitness, Phil Norris, a salesman from Swindon who was drinking in the pub with a colleague said: ‘I was there having lunch with my manager when these lads came in and ordered a round of drinks. All was well until one of them who was drinking Bud Light started shouting out ‘dilly-dilly’ at the top of his voice, before they all began to join in.’

’It very quickly started to get quite boisterous and the landlord asked them politely to stop it as they were beginning to annoy other customers.’

However it’s understood that the instances of bawling ‘dilly-dilly’ increased and were beginning to be directed at the bar’s customers every time one ordered a drink at the bar.

Mr Norris continued: ‘Then suddenly the landlord has leapt over the bar swinging a pool cue and before the lads knew what was happening he’d laid three of them out stone cold. Next all hell broke loose and the police were called.’

Detective Inspector Ralph Davies commented from the scene: ‘This advert for Bud Light, with its moronic banality, is inciting violence up and down the country and police forces have asked to have it withdrawn in the next few days.’

’It only encourages totally brain-dead idiots to start shouting ‘dilly-dilly’ and, although in this case the landlord should not have taken the law into his own hands, nevertheless it was understandable.’

‘We have given him a good talking to but will not be taking any further action. Meanwhile we are examining the pub’s CCTV footage and hope to be able to charge the whole gang of lads with public order offences in due course.’