One audience member at BBC’s Antiques Roadshow has had her whole life changed following the amazing valuation she was given for a painting she brought to the show.

Doreen French who took a painting she’d bought at an antique fair for appraisal said: ‘I thought it was maybe worth £30-£40 pounds and when the first expert looked at it that’s what he agreed. They were just about to stop filming when suddenly another one of the experts as asked the crew to hang on. It was then that he went on to tell me that he thought my painting was significantly more valuable than they had first thought.’

The second expert, Ralph Barnes explains: ‘Ordinarily Doreen’s painting of a snowy scene would indeed have fetched no more than £50 top dollar. It’s pretty poorly painted and, how shall I say, fairly rudimentary. However I suddenly noticed that there was a line drawn on the back of the canvas in faded charcoal and I immediately was able to identify this as having been added by Queen Victoria. Her style is unmistakable, and although she may not have actually owned the painting, nevertheless it is now worth in excess of £20,000,000 in my view.’

A delighted Doreen is now planning to invest the money once the painting is sold. ‘Isn’t the art world just crazy? How can something be worth very little but then rocket in value just because it was once in the vicinity of member of Royalty. That’s just bonkers, although I’m not complaining,’ she laughed.