For the first time in its long and illustrious history The BBC’s Mastermind quiz has had to drop a contestant midway through the series.

Rolph Hitlering from Luton, previously amazed the show’s producers by scoring a new all-time record with his encyclopedic knowledge of the German Third Reich in his heat, and had progressed to the semifinals where his specialist subject was to be Major News Stories Broken in The Daily Mail – 1933 to the present day. But it appears that’s when the trouble started.

A programme source said: ‘It was impossible to set any questions in Mr Hitlering’s new chosen category for the simple reason that after researchers had trawled through the paper’s archives, they were unable to find one story with even a scintilla of fact or an iota of truth in it. Everything the paper has ever printed is made-up lies and consequently there is no basis under which just one, let alone a complete set of verifiable questions, could be set.’

Mr Hitlering is understood to be considering bringing an action against the programme’s makers, but has asked for time to consider their offer of an all-expenses paid luxury condominium if Rio de Janeiro for him to use for the remainder of his life.’