Rees-Mogg and Trump to star in glitzy new transatlantic TV blockbuster

Netflix has announced today that it has green-lighted a new big-budget Detective Show based 50/50 between London and Washington called Jake and The Don. And in a sensational development it is to star British backbench odd-ball MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and US President Donald Trump.

In a a trail-blazing first-of-its-kind show on so many levels – transatlantic setting and serving politicians taking part when still in office – it’s got the global TV community buzzing.

The broadcaster isn’t giving too much away but has revealed that Rees-Mogg (Jake) will be the sidekick to Trump’s (The Don) and together they will fight international crime.

A Netflix spokesman confirmed: ‘Jake’s a great character. He dresses in a frock coat and top-hat and gets around London on a penny-farthing talking Latin all the time.’

‘In contrast The President plays The Don, an AR15-toting New York PI, who uses private jets and helicopters, screws prostitutes, plays golf and is rumoured to be connected to The Mob.’

It remains to be seen what Mr Rees-Mogg’s boss, Mrs May, will have to say about it, but a source close to the MP for North East Somerset told The Radio Times: ‘She’d better toe the line or Jacob is liable to threaten the entire Brexit process if she seeks to interfere.’

Meanwhile Mr Trump Tweeted: My new TV show is going to be a great new show, THE BEST NEW TV SHOW EVER!!! FACT! So stay tuned. Wow!

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