Sensational claims are being made by the FBI that President Donald Trump and many of his inner circle of aides and advisors are not what they appear to be, but that they are in fact a gang of escaped ‘Hosts’ from Westworld, the fictional Wild West reality theme park.

Special Agent Bob Stadenko told reporters: ‘It had been puzzling us for years and then suddenly all the pieces of the jigsaw fell into place. The really weird complexions, the totally vacant look in their eyes, the constant repetition, the extremely limited and infantile level of intelligence; but the real kicker for us was the total lack of empathy for anyone and everyone they interact with.’

However speaking at a hastily arranged White House briefing a spokesman for Mr Trump denied the claims dismissing them as utter fantasy. ‘This is just more crazy fake news completely invented by The Democrats who are so desperate to rubbish Mr Trump and everything that he is doing to make America great again.

The President is doing a fantastic job in bringing peace and stability around the entire world.’

‘And what’s more… what is more… what… what… whawww… system malfunction… overload… reboot… reboot… diagnostic sequence required… shutting down…’