Seemingly Windsor Councillors have dropped an absolute clanger two days before the Royal Wedding following a police operation carried out in the early hours of this morning.

It has come to light that as many as seventy misguided idiots who had been camping out overnight for the past week, in the hope of getting a glimpse of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Saturday, were taken to be some of the Berkshire town’s regular homeless rough sleepers and were removed to a detention centre until the mistake was spotted when they were subsequently released.

It is understood that the operation was requested by Conservative Leader of the Council who had previously made it known he believed rough sleepers should be airbrushed from the town centre, for fear that had they been caught on camera by the world’s media, then his own self-deluded view of Windsor as a sort of real life Camelot would have been destroyed.

One Royal nut who was subsequently released, eighty year-old Albert Posner, was soon back with his faced pressed against the railings again this lunchtime. Wearing an expensively-tailored Union Jack suit and bowler hat combination, the cost of which means he cannot afford to eat for the next month, said: ‘Well we was a bit miffed when they threw us all into the police vans. But I knew once Harry and Meghan got to hear about it we’d be release.’

‘I love the Royal Family, continued Mr Posner, ‘they’re great, and to be honest, they are my only reason for living. I couldn’t go on but for the fact I know they spend virtually every waking hour thinking about what’s best for me and indeed all their loyal subjects.’