Donald Trump”s signature hairdo has been designated the first mobile World Heritage Site today and it now ranks alongside other such iconic structures as The Pyramids and Taj Mahal.

Speaking to reporters the selection committe’s chairman, Professor Olaf Schmidlin, said , “Mr Trump’s hair is a marvel of design and engineering and is, as far as we know, the first man-made structure supported by gel and hair spray alone. It appears to defy evey known law of physics and gravity, and added to these already impressive considerations, its potential for global mobility makes it truly unique in the world. Therefore we concluded it must be preserved for mankind for all time.”

It’s understood that in being awarded the accolade President Trump’s hair beat off several stiff challenges; one from North Koren despot, Kim Jung-Un, and a second from Britain’s, Boris Johnson, however Professor Schmidlin added, “Both of these were considered carefully but the panel rejected them on the grounds that, although they were undoubtedly bloody stupid, no real effort goes into maintaining them on a daily basis.”