In a surprise move today President Trump has fired The Chief Justice of The United States, John Robers, and replaced him with the firebrand and fast-talking ‘Noo Yoike’ TV legislator, Judge Judy Sheindlin.

It’s thought the appointment comes following the visit of Kim Kardashian to The White House this week and the positive light that mixing with A-list celebs showed Mr Trump in with America’s younger voters.

A spokesman said: ‘It’s true that Judge Judy doesn’t have a great ass like Kim’s and that she probably doesn’t look real hot in a bikini, but you know although these things rate top of the list in The President’s requirements for a high ranking female public servant they’re not absolutely everything.’

It’s hoped that following his Presidency, and if the working relationship while in office is good with Ms. Sheindlin, then she will be drafted into the next series of The Apprentice as Mr Trump’s head judge, with the power over who will stay and who will leave the selection process each week.

Speaking later on Fox News Mr Trump said: ‘We are truly delighted that Judge Judy is now on the team. And let me tell you folks, she’s going to do a really good job too. Just the best job ever.’

‘And she might just prove to be a great ally for me if the Feds come knocking on my door any time soon asking tricky questions. FACT!’