Self-styled Saviour of Britain from itself, celebrity chef and right proper gent, Jamie Oliver, has slammed the inclusion of traditional cake and bake stalls at school-funding events, claiming they are ‘madness’ and ‘send out the wrong message completely.’

Speaking to Capital Radio he said: ‘To continue perpetuating the idea to kids that cakes send out a positive message and that they are force for good is proper bang out of order. For example, say you get a little chavvy at his school’s summer fete. Yeah? He sees a cake stall and buys a fairy cake and next thing he’s hooked and a sugar junky.’

‘Spin forward three months and…bish-bash-bosh! He’s now a 14 stone bloater! Shocking! No, what we should have instead are salad stalls in my opinion. Now that would be well-bangin’ and right proper wicked!’

But in what some commentators see as a potential simmering food war, doyenne of the baking world, Mary Berry, has hit back. In an article to be published in next week’s Hello she tells food writer, Melanie Walsh: ‘Jamie’s lovely and a well-meaning lad, but oh my goodness, doesn’t he sometimes speak the most frightful rot? Look, we’re a nation of bakers and cake-eaters.’

‘After all, didn’t we see Hitler off with cups of nice strong tea and lardy cakes, not lardy-arsed cakes. And now I hope you don’t mind me saying this, dear, but you look quite famished. Can I offer you a slice of Victoria Sandwich? Oh do go on, there’s nothing to you at all.’